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KR47: Tons of Fun

2010-03-20 11:58:18 by Ghosty22

Check out our latest live-action movie! It's called "Tons of Fun!"

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2009-06-20 17:34:45 by Ghosty22


I haven't been around in awhile, because I've been trying to buy a place. Certain complications have caused me to be without internet and a computer.

The KR47 live-action movie is practically done. I just need to make one transitional animation, but my computer is in pieces at my friend's house. We're also planning on entering some stuff in the next Tony Baloney film festival. Rob and I will be doing a rap battle, which will be animated.

For the last couple of days, we've been going to the Ideat Village arts festival. Pete --Kenshin1913-- wanted to go to this Karaoke thing at Cafe 9, and I went along. They had a live band backing up the singers. At first, I didn't really want to sing, but my friends talked me into it. I felt like singing Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker," and I made it to the second round, but I'm still waiting to hear when that is. A bunch of people said I did a really good job, but I couldn't hear myself that well. Then, when we were hanging out outside of the bar, some drug dealer came up to us and asked us if we wanted some mushrooms. I don't know why, but that made me laugh.

Then we had some KR47 cartoons in the Ideat Village film festival, but that was terrible. The sound was really horrible, and it didn't seem as if they rejected any submissions at all, so many of them were terrible. One movie was just a picture of a spaceship with music in the background that lasted for like five minutes. They had a bar in the back of the film area, and people were back there talking too, so the host kept screaming at everyone to shut up, we couldn't hear over them. Rob, Pete, and I sat on the couch, in the back, and these rude Yale people kept pushing by and stomping on our feet, and they didn't even apologize or acknowlegde us at all.

The highlight of the evening for me was when I got drunk and played Pete's brother Steve in foosball. Then I was snooping around the building. It was a Yale building and there were several levels. Downstairs was another karaoke, but I didn't partake in that. I found a staircase and went up. No one was there, and I tried opening the doors up there, but they were all locked. Then I came back down, and found an old piano and played that for awhile.

The festival went on for hours. It started late too. Some of the films were so terrible that Rob and Pete wanted to wait outside for awhile. Some of them were so shitty that, by the time our stuff got shown, hardly anyone was left in the place. We told some of our friends that, if they wanted to leave, we wouldn't think any less of them. They left.

When our stuff finally did get shown, few people laughed... We left, and, as we were driving home, we were just cracking jokes about all the avant garde snobs...

Rob seemed pretty glad that those people didn't like our stuff, I guess, because he didn't respect them. Most of those movies consisted of nonsensical gibberish, thrown together to give the filmmaker some sort of edgy or crazy appearance. I'm kind of tired of talking about this, because it was such a letdown.


2009-03-28 19:20:27 by Ghosty22

Well... Here's what's going on:

I'm still working on the opening credits for the KR47 live-action movie: "Tons of Fun." The music is all recorded for the opening credits. I've edited it down a bit, so that the length is more appropriate for the credits. I might chop a little more out still though. I've spent lots of time animating the KR47 characters playing instruments at the beginning. My character is playing the guitar, and that part I've finished. Rob is playing a modified guitar, that he calls his "guit-box." That's practically done. I just need to draw one more frame of it. Pete is playing the bass. His frames are all done, I just need to sync them to the music. Rob's brother, Chris, is playing the drums. All of his frames are done and synced up, but I need to color in the drum kit. After that, I should be on easy street. I just have to fade some images and text in and out. I also have to animate some segues, sort of like in the last movie. Those shouldn't be too bad.

Man... Animating characters playing instruments is a real bitch. I was talking about making music videos before, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I actually might just try to do a full-length version of the song in the KR47 credits, but I'll just use the KR47 characters if it's not too much of a pain, and if the KR47 crew doesn't mind so much. But I guess I have more important projects to think about right now. I don't want to go planning new ones when I'm barely chipping away at existing ones.

I've felt so distracted lately, I can't even remember what's on my task list. I know that, after the Tons of Fun movie, I want to work on the KR47 pilot. I also have the next animated KR47 short. Next in line, after that, would probably be my brother's cartoon, "Death Man: The Ape Man Cometh." We're also sporadically talking about the third KR47 live-action movie too. And then there's Chanter Tales, but I think I'll wait until I've moved into a different house. I feel as if I've been dealing with too much stress to worry about that.

Rob Lowe is also working on some side projects that you might be able to see sometime in the future. He's been doing some sketches with Pete, --Kenshin1913-- and some other things. I don't know if you'll be able to see those on or not...

Anyway... That's all I have...


2009-02-22 22:59:46 by Ghosty22

So... I guess it's time to report on what I've been up to, just in case anyone was wondering.

I've had half a KR47 short done for awhile. I still need to record my lines. Once I do that, the rest should be easy. I guess I've been putting it off for the usual reasons. I have, however, been doing some recording for the KR47 live-action movie. The movie will have an animated opening like the last one, and I've recorded the guitar parts for it. I had recorded some bass parts earlier, but, as I was recording the guitar parts, I realized that the bass part was flawed, and I'm redoing it. I spent a few hours yesterday, practicing the riff, so I can do it neatly when I'm ready. Playing the bass is hard for me. I tend to play fast, but I have skinny and spidery fingers, and they aren't as strong as they could be. I haven't practiced the bass too much, but hopefully I'll be able to build up some strength in my fingers. I'm also thinking about getting one of those Gretsch Electromatic short-scale basses, because they're easier to play. And they're really fun to play too. I just need to save up some money first. They're only about $150, but money is tight these days.

The opening theme music is basically a song that I wrote a long time ago, and it's about how I often feel a little worthless as an artist, because I've spent all of my life working on art projects. Most people spend their lives working toward their careers, I suppose, --stuff that will benefit them. Yeah, I love art, and I do it because I enjoy it. But worrying about homelessness and putting food in my stomach takes most of the fun out of that. It also makes it hard for me to feel motivated. In some ways, being an artist makes me feel sort of stupid, because I feel really inept when it comes to living my life. I've always thought of myself as a person who would sacrifice certain things for the sake of my work, but lately that concept doesn't seem as romantic or as doable. Anyway, the movie is about the KR47 characters failing at making rock bands, so I thought the song would be semi-appropriate. I have some sketches for the credits sequence done, but I need to finish the music before I can animate, so I can sync it all up, sort of like how you have to record voices before you animate mouths moving. I think I'll put the complete song on my myspace page, when it's finished.

What else? Today, I spent the day over at a friend's house, filming the last scenes of the KR47 live-action movie. I think it's pretty much finished being filmed. Pete just needs to edit it, and I have to animate the credits and the transitional scenes. Actually I think we may be doing a music video too; I'm not sure.

I was picking away at Chanter Tales earlier today. I haven't gotten much done on it, but I figured I'd force myself to pick at it, because, if I don't, it'll just stagnate.

Tony Baloney is going to set up another Forgot to Laugh Animation festival, and KR47 cartoons will be in it. Here's the info.

Monday, March 9, 2009
8:00pm - 9:30pm
Two Boots
281 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT

I think that's all I have. I think I'm going to try to play at this rock club called "The Space," in Hamden Connecticut. I've been feeling the need to play guitar and promote my music, because I feel as if I've been neglecting my songs. I don't want them to just fade away... It seems as if it's hard to keep shit from fading sometimes...


2009-01-04 02:04:42 by Ghosty22

I'm in a weird mood. For some reason I feel really happy and exhausted at the same time....

Anyway... In case you haven't seen it, Chanter Tales 1.3 is out. I was hoping it would make the front page, but it didn't. I think that sometimes I go a little crazy, and I make decisions for all the wrong reasons. For example, I was nearing the completion of Chanter Tales 1.3, and I noticed that I had an odd number of cartoons in the flash section of my profile. In previous years, I'd always finished an even number of cartoons, and having an odd number made the flash section look lopsided. So I was thinking that I should try to finish Chanter Tales before New Year's, because, if I didn't, it would be lopsided FOREVER. This whole odd number thing was scratching at my very soul... Which seems insane... It's as if I have OCD or something. It seems so dumb, but, at the time, I needed to have an even number of flashes in my profile... I even started to think that maybe I should make an extra flash and keep it aside, just in case I ever get into the situation again. Retarded... Sometimes I think I'm the most unrealistic person I know.

Anyway, the whole point of me telling you this is that I was talking to Pete the other day, and he made it seem as if Christmas time might not have been the best time to post it, because all the Christmas flash would be going up on the front page. Most likely, people would be putting a lot of effort into their Christmas flash, possibly saving up a few Christmas gems for quite some time, so that they'd get on the front page. Then I felt pretty stupid, putting up my best flash ever on Christmas because of a stupid odd number. Maybe if I'd waited to put it up this month, it wouldn't have been competing with as many Holiday flashes, and it would've gotten some more exposure... But I'm a retard, so what can I say? Because of my bad decisions, I feel like two years of work didn't get as much recognition as some of the stuff I cranked out in two weeks. I feel as if I've stolen money out of my youngest child's piggy bank, so that I could go out, get drunk, and then lie in a puddle of my own piss and vomit in the middle of the street. But, yeah... I'm retarded...

At least it won 4th place though... That's pretty cool. I guess I should be grateful for everything I get, because I don't really deserve anymore than anyone else here deserves...

So now I'm faced with the decision of what to work on next. My brother wrote me the Death Man script, which I haven't worked on in forever. It should be easy to do --less grueling than some other projects. I sort of want to do Chanter Tales 1.4, but I feel a little stressed out right now, and I'm not sure I want to work on that this month. Maybe I'll just concentrate on KR47 for awhile... We're going to be working on the TV show pilot, and we have plans to film some stuff for the live-action movie toward the end of the month...

Anyway... If you haven't seen Chanter Tales yet, check it:

So yeah... I've been in sort of a crazy mood lately. Here's a picture I drew for this guy's website:


Chanter Tales 1.3

2008-12-25 19:07:58 by Ghosty22

So I think I'll be done with it by, or on, the weekend... Unless someone murders my computer... I only have two animations of people walking or running to do, and I'm almost finished with one. Then I just need to make the preloader... And the ending credits... That's it...


2008-12-20 23:46:49 by Ghosty22

I was thinking about how, since I'm going to make Chanter Tales into a four-parter, it's conceivable that I might be finished with 1.3 before New Year's. I've been working on it all day, and it's been very tedious. I feel as if I've been sitting here so long, spending so much time in front of the computer, working on the KR47 Christmas special and this. I feel as if I'm going a little nuts sometimes...

Anyway... Sometimes I feel as if people think I'm full of shit, but I have been working on it... I plan on working on it all day tomorrow, and there's also another weekend before New Year's. Today I finished this dialog scene in the middle that was taking forever for some reason. I guess it's not so much that it was taking forever, I just put it aside to work on a later scene, but I'm glad it's done, because I was getting sick of looking at the big hole in the middle of the movie.

So now, I need to do one last scene at the end, add some sound effects and narration, and make a preloader. I think that will be it. I'm hoping it doesn't take me too long to finish the last scene. I tend to underestimate how long certain things will take. But it seems like it would be easy.

Anyway... My brain feels burned out, and I'm not sure I'm making sense anymore. So I think I'm gonna go to sleep...

KR47 Stuff

2008-12-06 18:10:03 by Ghosty22

So... I have three pieces of news concerning KR47. There will be a Christmas episode, which I'll be working on this week. Hopefully I'll get my act together and finish it before next weekend. I may be going camping next weekend, so I probably won't be able to animate. I've been coughing up a phlegm storm lately, so if my health doesn't get any better, I might not go camping, and, in that case, I'll just work on stuff...

At the KR47 meeting with Rob and Pete yesterday, we watched the film we shot for the second KR47 live-action movie. So far, it seems as if it's going to be pretty funny. We have to reshoot quite a bit though. We had to put it on hold for a couple of months because of weddings, holidays, and other distractions, but Pete is going to try to rent out the upper floor of this firehouse, which is run by someone his mother knows, so we can film some more scenes there. If you're curious, you can ask Pete --Kenshin1913, here on Newgrounds-- for more information about that.

We were also discussing our plan to make a KR47 TV show pilot. When the bookstore closed down, I wrote down some scripts that took place outside of the store. We talked about making a cartoon that explained why the series would no longer be set in the store, but earlier in the week, we decided to expand that episode and make it into a TV pilot. At this point, I'm not sure who exactly we'll be sending it to, possibly Adult Swim or someplace similar. Hopefully we'll have decided by the time it's finished. We might just send it to everyone... What the hell?

Oh yeah, there is also a fourth thing. Tony Baloney, from the Forgot to Laugh Animation Festival, is going to set up another festival, in Bridgeport Connecticut, I think, and KR47 should be in that too. Though Pete's been doing a lot of the managerial/marketing stuff, so if you're curious, you can ask him for more info about that.


2008-11-22 17:27:57 by Ghosty22

So... I have some news. I'm not really sure if it's good or bad...

I was looking at what I have for Chanter Tales 1.3... Usually the episodes for Chanter Tales are around five minutes long, because they can get pretty big, and history seems to support the fact that a five-minute episode will meet the Newgrounds size constraints. So far, Chanter Tales 1.3 is 4 minutes and 15 seconds long. Which means that, if I'm going to keep the episode small and manageable enough to upload to Newgrounds, I'm going to have to end the episode in 45 seconds. And I still need to include some dialog in the middle of the cartoon that I haven't added yet. I can't chop it out, because it's important for the larger Chanter Tales story that encapsulates these smaller tales. So I have to make a decision. I could try to end the story in the remaining 45 seconds, which would probably force me to rush the ending and make it less interesting, or I could make a Chanter Tales 1.4, before moving on to 2.1. I really don't want to squeeze out any details that I like, but if I make a fourth part to this first tale, the forth part might be really short and inconsistent with the size of the other episodes. I'm not really sure if that matters... But the idea "feels" weird to me.

I think that what I'll do is finish the dialog in the middle, and then start working on the part before the final "showdown" and see how much time is remaining. Maybe I can just make the end conflict more elaborate or something. In the meantime, maybe you guys can let me know what you think of the situation, and I'll decide a little later. Right now, I think I'm leaning towards 4 episodes... It would mean that I'd put an episode out sooner, but, still, I don't like that the fourth episode would be short...